Floodrisk-Speaker Dan-Freudenthal

Dan Freudenthal

Mr. Freudenthal is a nationally recognized expert in the area of flood risk, whose innovative services have demonstrated the ability to convert flood risk into opportunities that create enterprise value.

Mr. Freudenthal co-founded and serves as President of CRIO Group – a group of innovative insurance brokerage and flood risk management consulting companies that include such respected brands as: Agency Flood Resources, CRIO, Flood Zone Correction, Flood Risk Solutions, and Premier Elevation Certificate Network. These companies have delivered specialized flood risk consulting services on a nationwide basis to leading commercial real estate companies that collectively own and operate over 4 million multifamily units and over 100,000 commercial properties, as well as to leading companies in the retail, hospitality, self-storage, restaurant and other industries.

Mr. Freudenthal has been a speaker at risk management and real estate conferences about the topics of flood risk, flood insurance, flood zone correction and elevation certificates, and he has published numerous articles in real estate, risk management and insurance industry publications. Mr. Freudenthal earned a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University of Miami.